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Client Forms


  • Driver's license/state ID, social security cards for you, spouse and all dependents
  • Total amount paid for child or dependent care & providers Tax ID or SS Number
  • To file “married filing separately” you must provide full name and social security number of spouse
  • Wage and earning statements from ALL employers or sources (W-2, 1099, W-2G, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-R)
  • Total amounts of itemized deductions (charitable contributions, auto taxes paid, other property taxes, real estate taxes, medical expenses, mortgage interest, tax preparation fees, etc.)
  • Copy of last years’ Federal and State Tax Return Filed
  • Request tax transcript records for the tax year or years that I will be completing tax return for and upload to portal (you may need to create an account on IRS site first) HTTPS://WWW.IRS.GOV/TRANSCRIPT
  • To file “married filing jointly” both spouses must be present to sign forms
  • For direct deposit of refund, will need bank routing and account numbers
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